What a Load of Crap! Why Most Martial Arts and Self-Defense Programs Are Just Plain Wrong!

Why are most martial arts and self-defense programs wrong? Do you know? And, especially if you’re one of those who are serious about learning how to really be able to protect and defend yourself against a bigger, stronger assailant who wants to beat, break or kill you — you should!But, with all of the so-called experts, masters, and black belts out there…Why would I make such a statement?After all, aren’t I one of those “experts”? Aren’t I black belt, master-teacher, who runs his own dojo (martial arts school), and teaches men’s, children’s and women’s self-defense classes?Yes.But, it’s more than what I am, who I am, and what I teach that makes my statement all the more true!And, if you’re going to find someone like me, with the real answers to this very serious, life-threatening problem called self-defense — you should know what that is. So…Other than the fact that the title made you curious enough to take a look at what this article was about, who am I to utter such an offensive remark about most of what’s being taught in the world of martial arts and self-defense training? What could be so bad about most of the martial arts and self-defense programs available both on and off the internet that, if you choose the wrong one, you could be no better off than the guy or girl who doesn’t train?Remember when I said that the answer had to do with more than who and what I am – more than even what I teach? That’s the truth. Because… it does.Because it has to do with my experience – with where and what I’ve seen in the world. And, with the fact that I, and others like me with the same kind of background and experience……have what most people teaching the martial arts and self-defense classes Do not have. And that is real-world experience, using what we teach……against real bad guys……against angry people who lash out, and……against brutal attackers who don’t play fair or follow the rules you find in boxing matches, MMA bouts, or karate tournaments!I can say what I do about most martial arts self-defense training because I know from experience that most of what’s being taught…has no real world application.I know I ruffle a lot of feathers, saying that, but it is true.I know that 90% of those who started reading this – especially those who ARE taking some form of martial art or some type of self-defense training… have already clicked away from this article.But, the fact remains that…There are still some martial artists who would not survive a street fight. Why?Because they are not willing/or can’t do what it takes to survive.Some are so used to sparring or kata training in the dojo that they can’t tell the difference between it and a real fight.Can you? Because you’ll have to know some of the differences, and what programming yourself with some of these training “bad-habits” if you’re going to survive when Joe Criminal comes at you on the street.Here are a few to get you started:In sparring there are rules. You can’t kick your opponent in the groin or pull his hair. If it is being scored using a three-point scoring system, then there are more rules.In a sport system, there are no-strike zones, areas of his body you can’t touch, and don’t even consider using that chair, gun, or book that you might be able to reach for.In a sport system, you will “always” be matched with someone your size, age, experience level, and probably gender. Completely opposite a self-defense situation where you will almost never be dealing with what they call in the sport world, “a Fair Fight.”Want to know if your style or system is tuned into the real world of the 21st century? Ask yourself this one simple question:Are you learning how to survive, on the street, with no rules, no referee, and no limitations. Or, do you have to “do it the right way?” Are you learning to defend yourself with and against common street weapons (knives, guns, clubs, etc.), against multiple attackers, against someone 2 1/2 times your size – or how about someone who is hyped up on drugs or so enraged that they can’t feel pain, or that broken bone you just gave them?A real fight has two rules: you fight smarter, and you fight to win — or you end up beaten, broken, or in the morgue and on a police report under the heading of “victim”!No exceptions!

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