4 Tips on Choosing The Right Martial Arts Gear

When it comes to martial arts gear you have a million products to choose from. Some of these items are a waste of your money and others are great for improving your skills. Most of the retailers online are just trying to sell you the latest and greatest not what is best for you. In this article I will review just a few pieces of equipment and explain why you should buy them.Buy Leather not Vinyl- Almost every piece of equipment comes in either vinyl or leather and I can tell you from personal experience, buy the leather. This is one time where you definitely get what you pay for. Leather holds up to the abuse better and will usually out last the vinyl version by 3 to 1. I have found that most vinyl products will begin to break down and tear easily. The harder you strike, the more you need the leather to take the impact.Get Adidas- Adidas is one of those companies that has invested a lot of time and money in researching the martial arts and they get it! Their equipment is high quality and once again it lasts a long time. I have been in the martial arts for over 26 years and I can tell you from experience, your Adidas will last.Great Mouthpiece- This is one item I suggest you spend extra money on, you will be glad you did. The standard mouthpiece at your local sports store will probably be fine if your not doing any contact.Listen To The Experts- The best way to know how good a piece of equipment works is to ask someone who has used it. This is your best reference for learning the quality of the item and how it will improve your skills.When it comes to improving your skills you don’t need a lot of martial arts gear, but you do need to work hard. The more you practice your techniques the better you will get. Nothing can replace hard work and sweat when it comes to achieving your goals. Good luck with your training and continue to practice each and every day.

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